LashBack Presents at MailCon 2022

LashBack was thrilled to present, alongside Optizmo, at Mailcon this past January. The topic under discussion: Compliance, of course. The presentation, Email Optimized: How Analytics and Best Practices Can Drive Results in 2022, highlighted the changes (and similarities) seen in the email space over the past several years.

Specializing in content compliance, LashBack highlighted some key areas where affiliate marketers should take note and potentially change sending habits. Highlighted in 2021, LashBack has seen an increase in the following areas of content: Spoofed domains (Edu/international), spam text in the source code, opt-out link issues, and missing/incomplete postal codes.

Most of these content compliance issues are not new, save for the spam text juggernaut “Dylan Basile.” What LashBack data shows time and again is the simple fact: Shortcuts do not produce higher inbox stats. When methods such as spam text in the source code or spoofed domains are employed to trick spam filters, rarely do these messages meet their desired results. Most likely these methods will result in a blocklisted domain or IP.

Below are a few slides from the Mailcon presentation.

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