What makes LashBack different?

Visibility into Email Partner Behavior

See what your email partners are sending on your behalf and protect yourself from potential compliance issues.

Multi-Departmental Usage

Help increase efficiencies and synergy between both the compliance and marketing departments

Customizable Rulesets and Analyst Review

Modify and expand rulesets as needed by your specifications or demands. Live analyst review verifies and surfaces important compliance issues.

Brand Protection

Search for and discover unauthorized usage of your brand in our database of 200+ million emails. Set custom alerts to flag and notify you whenever your brand is mentioned in an email.

Competitive Intelligence

See the emails that your competitors are sending. Dive into email metrics, uncover affiliate information, and analyze their content, subject lines, images, and more to improve your outbound campaigns.

Partner Vetting and Identification

Utilize unique and actionable email data to vet the performance and compliance of any potential future email partners in the space to make stronger and better business growth decisions.


  • What do your services do?

    ComplianceMonitor enables proactive monitoring of email content sent out by affiliates and partners on behalf of your company for compliance, allowing for quick discovery and remediation.

    BrandAlert is a searchable database of over 200 million email messages, which aids in competitive intelligence/research, compliance checks, as well as unauthorized email discovery, and brand protection.

    ListMonitor allows users to easily manage all seed addresses—email and SMS—in one user-friendly interface, ensuring security and partner accountability without the hassle.

  • Can I see the recipient of the emails displayed in LashBack?

    No. Before emails are added to the LashBack database, they are put through extensive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) filters. We will never show the recipient of any email.

  • How long does LashBack store emails for?

    Emails are stored for thirteen months and are then deleted from the LashBack database. We strive to provide the most relevant information possible, and a rolling deletion aids in this process.

  • How many emails per day does LashBack ingest?

    LashBack receives, on average, 1 million email messages per day.



A unique, time-tested solution that addresses a critical need for advertisers, agencies and networks.

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