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See the actual emails your partners are sending on your behalf

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Minimize risk by eliminating traffic from non-compliant email partners

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Receive training, support and actionable insights from a dedicated Client Services Manager

Get the email visibility that you need

Many advertisers acquire new users through offers emailed by third-parties. These advertisers often work with networks to find publishers and pay on a performance basis. Pay-for-performance minimizes some risk, but creates an incentive for third-party senders – often not directly known by the advertiser – to be aggressive.

Email Content Enforcement

Review the emails your partners send on your behalf, ensuring compliance with approved content and quick remediation through vigilant monitoring and alerting.

Continuous Support

We’re here to help. Receive training, support, and actionable insights from a dedicated, friendly Client Services Manager.

Legal And Corporate Policies

Enforce policy requirements through a customizable list of nearly 50 rules across multiple categories.

Email Regulated By Law

Ensure your emails comply with policies like CAN-SPAM, SCC, FINRA, and more.

A unique, time-tested solution that addresses a critical need for advertisers, agencies and networks.

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