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Customizable searches and alerts

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Save and export search results

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Brand Protection

Insights to refine strategies and identify opportunities

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Actionable Insights

BrandAlert enables layered searches to pinpoint key, actionable insights. Quickly and easily search messages using a combination of:

  • Actual from address
  • Country of origin
  • Email content
  • Email date
  • Friendly from line
  • Inbox versus bulk delivery
  • Link domain
  • Link URL
  • Pre-header text
  • Sender IP address
  • Subject line

Commercial Email Insights

Track email links, view historical traffic paths, and obtain insights into redirects and landing pages.

Simple to Use

Access search results through user-friendly shortcuts and effortlessly sort, group, tag, share, and export your findings.

Premium Features

Access enhanced features such as the ability to search by CEP, ESP, and obtain a Gallery View of email thumbnails for easy research.

Protection with BrandAlert

Concerned about Brand Protection? Is someone misusing your brand?

Competitive Intelligence

Find and win opportunities.
What are your competitors sending and who are they working with?

Miscellaneous Insights

How often are your offers sent from non-U.S. IP’s?

Compliance Insights

Is someone promoting your offer and not linking back to your pages?
What else are your partners sending?
What is your marketing team sending?

Delivery Insights

What offers / agencies / networks / publishers are getting the best delivery?

A unique, time-tested solution that addresses a critical need for advertisers, agencies and networks.

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