LashHacks: Identifying Affiliate ID, Sub Affiliate ID, and Campaign ID in ComplianceMonitor

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This Month’s Hack: Identifying Affiliate ID, Sub Affiliate ID, and Campaign ID in ComplianceMonitor

Did you know that LashBack can offer a faster and easier way to identify your Affiliate ID, Sub Affiliate ID, and Campaign ID in ComplianceMonitor?

Why is this important?

Some companies may utilize multiple affiliate partners to distribute their marketing emails to potential customers. Unfortunately, compliance issues may sometimes occur with those emails' content, requiring extra research to learn the affiliate source.

This can result in a lengthy investigation where it may take a long time to look through each case to locate the affiliate and campaign ID codes manually.

Manual Search Through Email Data

Luckily, ComplianceMonitor has a feature to help sort through the data and bring forward this valuable information into a dashboard view to aid in quick remediation.

How to do it:

This feature can be turned on and utilized in ComplianceMonitor’s Grid View, where LashBack can provide you with the information in one location. This makes reporting more accessible and enables quick identification of affiliates or campaigns with compliance concerns.

Below is an image of the grid view reporting screen prior to enabling affiliate and campaign ID code reporting:

Grid View Without Affiliate and Campaign ID Codes

After enabling reporting, three new columns will appear to display the data.

Grid View With Affiliate and Campaign ID Codes

As you can see, new columns to report on Affiliate ID, Sub Affiliate ID, and Campaign ID have been enabled in the ComplianceMonitor Grid View, allowing for quick and simple viewing.

In order to access this view, some setup will be required. To find out if this is available in your account, reach out to your CSM today to schedule a call to discuss further!

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