MailCon 2021 Overview

While the glow of our computer monitors might not have the same charm as the lights of Las Vegas, Mailcon’s Virtual Experience was a great way to kick off the New Year. Lashback would like to kindly thank the organizers of Mailcon for having us back and Optizmo for another excellent discussion. 

Despite the struggles 2020 had to offer, we managed to get together and talk about our industry’s changing landscape. One thing that hasn’t changed – email is still the best form of marketing for ROI. If you registered for Mailcon, please be aware that you can check out our recorded broadcast at Mailcon’s site: If not, here are a few highlights from our portion of the presentation.

In the slides below, we share and explore some information brought to you by Lashback’s BrandAlert service, such as: Top Compliance Concerns for 2020, The Problem with Spoof Domains, Risk of Link Shorteners, How covid and the 2020 Presidential election impacted email.

The email landscape is in a constant state of flux, but the one thing that remains is the importance of compliance. If you'd like to know how Lashback can help you stay compliant or would like to see a demo of our services, please reach out to our Sales Team at

Lashback Mailcon 2021 from LashBack, LLC

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