LashBack Presents: Building Long-Term Value in Email @ Mailcon 2019

On January 5th, LashBack CEO Peter Wilson delivered an impactful presentation entitled “Building Long-Term Value in Email” at Mailcon in Las Vegas. Utilizing LashBack’s unique insights on email, the presentation focused on how the market is evolving -- with a clear need to focus on the consumer experience and what actions deliver long-term business value. 

Prioritizing best practices does not mean focusing only on optimizing message components and inboxing, it has to consider the consumer experience. There must be a relationship with the consumer and LashBack has developed a comprehensive view of this relationship that includes quality, volume, relevance and trust.

Included again in this year’s Mailcon presentation was a wealth of insights on quality, performance and delivery rates. However, with new standards being implemented in response to data breaches and privacy issues, there should be a renewed focus on consumer value and protection. The presentation points out that keeping the consumer experience at the forefront is critical to maximizing longer-term revenue opportunities and business value. You can view the full presentation here or check it out on Slideshare.

LashBack Presentation at Mailcon January 2019 from LashBack, LLC

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LashBack is a leading provider of digital marketing intelligence to major brands, agencies and networks. The business is a patent-holder that has been awarded for innovation, recognized as a member of the Online Trust Honor Roll, and a consistent advocate for best practices over more than a decade. Whether you represent a large brand or are just getting started -- are more focused on risk or growth -- we have the information and services to help you accomplish your objectives.

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