Lashback CEO to Speak at MailCon – January 2018 in Las Vegas

LashBack is pleased to announce that our President and CEO, Peter Wilson, will be speaking at MailCon in Las Vegas on January 6, 2018. Peter will discuss compliance, delivery and best practices. 

The event will bring together more than 500 email marketers, entrepreneurs and technology leaders for workshops, networking and discussion. In addition to Peter, speakers scheduled to present at the conference include Sarah de Diego, the founder of de Diego Law, and Scott Shou, the COO of Datalithic. “I am excited to be speaking at the MailCon conference in Las Vegas”, Peter said. “The prior MailCon in New York was a great event that brought together business leaders to talk about opportunities, growth, and best practices.” 

For more than a decade, LashBack has been a leader in compliance and intelligence solutions for email marketers. For more information about LashBack, please visit For more information about MailCon, please visit

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